USM Alumni Are Leaders, Influencers, and Agents of Change:

We may be biased, but we think that our alumni are among the very best and brightest.  Each year, we're proud to send nearly 1,000 graduates out into the workforce - graduates who accomplish some pretty impressive things.  Here are just a few stories.  There's many more to be told!

Kate Cheney Chappell '83
, Co-Founder, Toms of Maine

"When I decided to go back and complete my degree, I discovered that USM had everything that I needed"

Kevin McCarthy'78, CEO, UNUM US

" Each year, we hire hundreds of USM grads.  We get some of our best talent from USM"

Mark Gardner '76, CEO, Sappi Fine Paper

The University of Southern Maine gave me the confidence to go out into the working world prepared to face the demands of the workplace"

Amanda Rector '10, Maine State Economist

"USM helps students complete their degrees and increase their earning power"

Brian Cabana '03, Lead Engineer, Quantrix

"I work with USM to provide internship opportunities and greater awareness of what's out there for jobs"