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Cari Turnbull '06 Launches Baby Gear Rental Company

PORTLAND, Maine – May 2, 2014 – Just in time for Mother’s Day and the approaching summer tourist season, two local moms have launched a business aimed at making it easier for families to travel to Vacationland. Today, Cari Olson Turnbull '06 and Rebecca Russell Spear announced the opening of Mainely Babies, a baby gear rental company serving southern Maine. Similar companies are sprouting up all over the nation they say, and it was time for families traveling to and around Maine to get in on the action.

“Both Rebecca and I have used baby great rental services when traveling with our families, and thought it was a lifesaver to have the comforts at home when you are away,” said Turnbull in making the announcement. “Not having to lug large items on the plane or pack them in the car is a huge benefit. Maine is a perfect vacation for a family, so it was a no-brainer that this service should be available here.”

The company, which opens today, will rent car seats, strollers, cribs, highchairs and even bins with toys sorted based upon child’s age. Rentals come replete with sheets, baby monitors or other desired accessories – with delivery and pick-up available within 35 miles of Portland. “It’s the perfect service for those arriving via the Portland International Jetport; we can meet moms, dads, even grandparents close to the airport with all of the gear they’ll need for a stay,” said Spear. “We can also deliver to homes, rentals and hotels – or meet families at a local highway exit on the way to their destination.”

Turnbull said that all rentals and reservations can be made easily online at She noted that the service is great for anyone traveling with kids in tow – and that they also hope it will be utilized by grandmothers and grandfathers, aunts, uncles, college friends and others who would like to get everything set up and ready for house guests. “We want to encourage brides and grooms to include our service on their wedding website for their guests” added Spear.

Turnbull of Windham and Spear of Yarmouth, both of whom have two young boys of their own, feel especially proud of their business partnership and of Mainely Babies’ business model which, according to their website, offers quality baby gear that they both love to use for their own kids. Additionally, they use “green cleaning techniques to ensure safe and clean items.”

For more information on Maine baby gear rentals and to reserve gear for this summer, check out Mainely Babies on Facebook or at

About Mainely Babies
Mainely Babies is a quality baby gear rental company for those traveling to or hosting young families in Maine. High quality, green-cleaned baby products – including cribs, car seats, strollers, basinets, even age appropriate toys and other related accessories – are available for reservation at and delivery and pick-up is available within 35 miles of Portland, Maine. Business partners and Maine natives Cari Olson Turnbull and Rebecca Russell Spear both have young families of their own, and were motivated to start the business thanks to lifesaving rentals they had while traveling in other parts of the country. Learn more about the company and its principals via Facebook or at